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durable Style

Quality is what ma-ers most to us. Our clothes were designed and produced to last, using premium fabrics, with a high on to details. Discover all there is to know.

How durable are Bellerose clothes?

We can’t talk about durability without talking about quality. In the end, what maHers most to us is offering the best possible quality at the best possible price. That is why a great amount of Mme is spent searching for the right fabrics, the right quality and the right suppliers to make sure we can do just that and deliver the premium items our customers expect from us. Here’s a summary of the different angles from which we approach durability.


Where are bellerose clothes made?

Briefly put, 40% of our garments are made in Europe, 60% elsewhere. We intend to establish long-term relaMonships with quality suppliers and fact of the maHer is that nowadays the know-how is spread all over the world. We track down the experMse wherever it may be, while making sure that working condiMons are how they should be ethically, with respect for the ILO standards. If one of our suppliers does not meet these ILO standards, our cooperaMon stops.

We pride ourselves in having personal relaMonships with all of our suppliers, no maHer where. This also means we o]en work with smaller family-owned businesses, removed from the usual producMon hubs. Our producMon department has over 30 years of experience and connecMons, we use those to find the best possible know-how at fair prices.

To offer some more insight, we made a map of the world that shows where we produce and why we go there.


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